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How to Cancel Your LA Fitness Membership Immediately

It seems simple enough to sign up for an LA Fitness membership — just walk into any club and they will help you get a membership within minutes. To cancel your LA Fitness membership, you might naturally assume you could go into the same fitness location and ask to cancel, but it is not that simple. There are several steps in the cancellation process for an LA Fitness membership, and your membership will not be canceled without following these steps.

  1. Obtain a cancellation form from the LA Fitness location where you originally signed up for a membership. Ask the local representative to fill in your account number for you if you do not know it.

  2. Call the LA Fitness customer service number for your area. The local representative can give you this number or visit the LA Fitness membership website (see Resources). The website will ask you to enter your zip code and then will provide the appropriate number for your area.

  3. Inform the customer service representative that you would like to cancel your LA Fitness membership immediately. The customer service representative will instruct you to fax in your cancellation form, which you already have from your local LA Fitness club.

  4. Fill out the complete cancellation form. Any missing areas will hold up the cancellation process. Your name, address, cancellation reason and membership number are all required.

  5. Fax the cancellation form to the number given to you by the customer service representative. Save a copy of the fax confirmation.

  6. Call the customer service phone number again after 48 hours to check on the status of your cancellation.


    Continue to call the customer service number until you have a confirmation code saying your account is canceled and you will no longer get a bill.


    Until your LA Fitness membership is officially canceled you will continue to receive a bill for your account.

    You cannot cancel your LA Fitness membership online. You can only change billing information, check your balance and view payment history.

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