How to Cancel My 24 Hour Fitness Membership

Young woman in sports clothes sitting at home drinking water

A 24 Hour Fitness club membership can be canceled easily if it is within three days (five days in some states) of the initial membership purchase. If you have purchased your gym membership less than three days ago, you can cancel it by notifying 24 Hour Fitness during this "cooling off" period. A cancellation during this time will get you a full refund.

Obtain a copy of your membership agreement from the 24 Hour Fitness website by registering your account and logging in to member services.

Carefully review your membership contract to determine what type of membership you have. There are monthly payment memberships and prepaid limited term memberships.

Visit your local gym or call 1-866-308-8179 to cancel your membership. A monthly payment membership requires a cancellation notification that is specified in your membership contract. After cancellation, future monthly payments will stop. Your prepaid dues will not be refunded. Prepaid limited term memberships may be canceled but without refund except in special circumstances such as disability or death.