Stomach Exercises in the Swimming Pool

Women in water aerobics class

Swimming is a valuable form of exercise for cardio health, weight loss, and as a low-impact activity for people with joint issues like osteoarthritis. Most people likely don’t consider the pool a place to get a good abdominal workout, but you can perform several stomach exercises in the water that will help keep your waistline toned.

Wall Leg Lifts

Get into the deep end of the pool to do wall leg lifts, and place your back against the side of the pool with your arms resting on the deck. Raise your straight legs up until they are parallel with the surface of the water. Hold for 10 seconds in the seated position and then bend your knees in and lower your legs.

K-Tread Exercise

The k-tread exercise requires you to cup your hands and move your arms in a circular motion to tread water. Move your legs into the shape of a “k” by extending one straight out and pointing the other straight down. Point your toes on each foot and hold for five seconds before switching legs.

Otter Roll

To do the otter roll, you will need the help of a standard beach ball. Wrap your arms around the ball and keep your body straight and rigid. Roll your body over the ball like an otter rolls, using your abdominals to help pull you over. Continue to roll for about 30 seconds and then change your direction.

Kickboard Flutter

A kickboard is another accessory you can use for stomach exercises in the pool. Hold the kickboard close to your body and keep your body close to the surface of the water. Point your toes and flutter kick your way around the pool on your stomach and on your back.

Water Walking

Walking in the pool in a specific way targets your lower abs. Get in water that is as close to your neck level as possible while your feet are on the bottom. Keep your back straight and abdominals tight and lift your legs up to your ab-level as you walk around the pool.