Top Ten Best Soccer Shoes

With so many different soccer shoes on the market, choosing a good pair can be complicated. But a number of models continue to gain positive industry reviews and customer feedback. When considering these shoes, it is important to remember that the feel of any particular soccer shoe depends on the shape of your foot. A recommended model may not be suitable for all players, so try on a few different types before buying.

Adidas Predator

The original Adidas Predator cleat revolutionized soccer shoe design with its increased ball-swerving capabilities. Since its launch in 1994, the shoe has continued to grow in popularity, with Adidas-sponsored players such as David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Steven Gerrard all wearing them. The Adidas Predator X, released in 2009, is particularly popular.

Nike CTR360 Maestri

The Nike CTR360 Maestri, worn by Cesc Fabregas, features a range of technological innovations designed to enhance comfort, ball control and foot protection. Nike also incorporated its Kanga-Lite synthetic leather into the shoe. It's a lightweight yet durable material that replicates the kangaroo leather used in other cleats.

Nike Mercurial

Nike Mercurial shoes, worn by Cristiano Ronaldo, are lightweight and designed for fast players. Nike incorporates its own Flywire technology into the design, a construction process that uses high-tensile, lightweight threads to support the body of the shoe. The Nike Mercurial Vapor V won the 2009 “Populist Football Boot of the Year” award held by Footy-Boots.com.

Umbro Speciali

The Speciali has become Umbro’s flagship soccer shoe. The mid-point of the shoe features an A-frame construction design that helps to support the middle of the foot, helping to minimize injuries. The Speciali is worn by English defender John Terry.

Puma King

No soccer shoe model has a greater heritage than the Puma King. First released in 1968, the Puma King has been worn by the likes of Eusébio, Pele and Maradona. The Puma XL, the 2010 model, retains the classic feel of its predecessors while keeping up with modern soccer-shoe developments. It was voted “Panel Football Boot of the Year” by industry professionals at Footy-Boots.com in 2009.

Adidas AdiPure

The Adidas AdiPure range, as the name suggests, is aimed at soccer shoe purists. Classically designed, the boot is known for its simplicity, elegance and comfortable fit.

Adidas Copa Mundial

The Adidas Copa Mundial was first released in 1979 and has remained popular ever since. The upper part of the shoe is made from kangaroo leather, providing good ball control and a very snug fit.

Puma PowerCat

The PowerCat, released by Puma in 2010 for the South Africa World Cup, immediately gained a number of positive reviews. The boot features Puma’s 3D Power Shooting Technology, a series of foam ridges on the boot’s ball-striking area designed to increase shooting power.

Nike Tiempo

The Nike Tiempo shoe was developed to the specifications of soccer legend Ronaldinho. While the boot’s emphasis is on ball control, touch and feel, the Tiempo is known for being a particularly comfortable soccer shoe.

Diadora Pro Line

The Diadora Pro Line series of soccer shoes has been developed with the help of Italian player Francesco Totti. The Diadora LX and Maximus models feature Diadora’s Axeler Technology, designed to increase the boot’s flexibility.

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