How to Choose the Correct Flex Shaft Driver for Loft

If you're looking for ways to correct the loft of your drive, it's worth examining the flex rating of your driver. If you're using a driver that is too flexible or too stiff for the speed of your swing, your loft may be way off in either direction. Proper loft can be achieved with drivers of any flex rating--the key is finding the best flex rating for your unique swing.

  1. Analyze your drive to see if your loft is too high or too low. High loft is indicative of a driver that is too flexible, whereas low loft is indicative of a driver that is too stiff.

  1. Identify the flex ratings you should try, given the analysis of your drive loft. The universal golf club flex ratings are named, in order from most flexible to the stiffest, ladies, senior, regular, stiff and extra stiff. This rating is usually printed or engraved somewhere on the shaft or club head of each driver.

  2. If you're using a ladies flex driver and your loft is too high, you should try a senior or regular flex driver, for example. If you're using a stiff driver and your loft is too low, you would also try a regular or senior flex driver.

  1. Arrange to try out drivers of other flex ratings if you can. The best way to do this is often to borrow drivers from your golf buddies, but it may be just as easy to rent a driver of a different flex rating from your local driving range. Some pro shops in your area may also allow you to take a swing or two before you decide to buy, and many golf equipment manufacturers allow golfers to try their clubs at touring events called "demo days."

  2. If you can try out some other drivers, pay special attention to the way the club feels when you make contact with the ball and see if you're able to hit it more squarely. A driver with the appropriate flex rating for your swing speed will make it much easier to make solid contact with the square edge of the club head.

  1. Check to see if your drives are hooking or slicing as you try drivers of different flex ratings. If you're right-handed and your drives slice right, the driver you're using may be too stiff.

  2. If you're right-handed and they hook left, the driver may be too flexible. The opposite of these rules apply for left-handed golfers.

  1. Purchase a professional club fitting if you're still unable to determine which club flex rating will best help you attain proper loft.

  2. A club fitting is a session with a golf equipment expert in which your swing speed will be measured and your swing style will be analyzed. Many pro shops offer this service, though you may need to make an appointment.