What Hand Do You Wear the Golf Glove On?

One of the more important pieces of golf equipment is a strong, comfortable golf glove.

These gloves, found at most major sporting goods retailers, are often inexpensive and easy to find. Of course, it helps to know which hand a golf glove fits on before purchasing.

Opposite Hand

The golf glove is to be worn on the "opposite" hand. For instance, right-handed golfers wear the glove on their left hands, while lefties wear the golf glove on their right hands.


The reason for this glove-to-hand placement is that the "top" hand on a golf club is the lead hand, meaning its grip is of essence. Because of this, righties wear a glove on their left hands, and vice versa.

Golf Glove Buying

Right-handed golfers are in luck, as right-handed golf gloves can be found at most sporting goods retailers. Left-handed golfers, meanwhile, might have a tougher time, considering gloves for lefties are simply not as widely available as their right-handed counterparts. Fortunately, select golf retailers such as Golfsmith--both online and in-store--offer a wide array of gloves for both lefties and righties. These gloves come in a range of colors and prices. However, buying a golf glove in-store is probably a safer option, since a golfer will want to make sure a glove fits properly before purchasing.

Golf Glove Care

Golf gloves often wear out rather quickly and must be replaced. However, there are ways to go about getting longevity out of a glove. For instance, slipping the glove off from the fingers--rather than simply yanking off or unrolling a glove--will help preserve a glove, as will storing it in its own compartment, rather than amid tees and balls in a golf bag.


It is also common practice in golf to remove the golf glove while putting. Again, pull gently from the fingers to remove the glove, making sure not to yank or pull at the glove, as this can cause tearing.