How to Determine Lifting Glove Size

Lifting some weights at the gym

Lifting gloves protect your hands from calluses, relieve pressure on your hands and wrists and help you obtain a better grip on heavier weights. Proper fit is important to ensure that you a proper grip. Since lifting gloves do not have fingers, you do not have to measure them for length, but you do need to measure for the proper width. To determine your lifting glove size, measure your hand the same way as you measure the width for regular gloves.

Wrap a tape measure around your dominant hand at the knuckles at the base of your fingers. Do not include your thumb. You measure your dominant hand because it will be the larger of the two.

Press your hand against a table or another flat surface. Keep your fingers relaxed. Pressing your hand flat spreads out your knuckles to their widest point.

Pull the tape taut around your knuckles to get the most accurate measure. The tape should be flush with your skin but should not make a deep indentation in your hand.

Record the number, in inches, for your glove measurement. Compare the number to sizing charts for leading lifting glove manufacturers, who often offer men's and women's models.


Lifting gloves should be snug but not overly tight. If they are too tight, you may not be able to close your hands completely around the bar.