How to Hit a Driver Off the Tee

The driver is one of the most important and intimidating clubs in a golfer's bag. While a good all-around game is more important than simply hitting the ball well off the tee, hitting the driver with power and accuracy can give a golfer confidence and a competitive advantage.

  1. Position your ball so it is even with the inside of your left heel. This ball position will allow you to hit the ball on the upswing.

  1. Grip your club about an inch or two down the shaft. The driver is the longest club in your bag and, as such, is the most difficult to control. Gripping it down from the end will give your more control.

  1. Think "low and slow" as you begin the backswing.

  2. Turn your shoulders and drag the clubhead back along the target line. Keep your head in position behind the ball.

  1. Transfer your weight to your front foot as you turn your hips to the target.

  2. Allow the club to sweep the ball of the tee. Don't try to lift the ball.