How Do I Change a Golf Shaft?

Instead of paying the pro shop the next time you need to change a golf club shaft, save money by doing it yourself at home.

Make sure your replacement shaft is the same size as the original or it might not fit inside the club head's hosel. The hosel is the junction point between the head and the tip of the shaft. Check the size with a shaft identification gauge if you cannot find it on the label.

  1. Scrape off the ferrule at the bottom of the club head's hosel with a utility knife.

  2. Place the club into a shaft clamp to hold it in place while you work on the head. Use a heat gun to heat up the area around the hosel to soften the epoxy glue that connects the shaft to the club head.

  1. Push on the base of the hosel with a pry bar to release the head from the shaft.

  2. Catch the head as it falls off the end of the shaft.

  3. Allow the club head to cool off before installing the new shaft. Clean out the inside of the hosel with a rag to remove the old epoxy.

  1. Use a utility knife or sandpaper to remove the paint from the tip of the replacement shaft. You may also have to scrape off a coating from the tip if you are using a graphite club shaft.

  1. Apply epoxy glue to the shaft's tip and insert it into the hole at the base of the hosel. Rotate the shaft to the left and right a few times to make sure the epoxy glue covers the entire surface inside the hosel.

  1. Remove the club from the shaft clamp and tap the butt end of the grip on the floor to push the shaft all the way into the head. Wipe down the hosel with a soft cloth to remove any epoxy residue. Let the epoxy dry for several hours before using the golf club.