How to Swing Hybrid Irons

As the name suggests, hybrid golf clubs are clubs that combine the characteristics of woods and irons.

Many golfers find hybrids easier to hit than long irons. Before adding a hybrid to your bag, practice with the club to determine whether it is for you.

It's important that you know the right way to swing hybrid irons. Otherwise, you could find yourself driving the golf ball many yards farther than you intended.

  1. Position yourself correctly in front of the golf ball in your normal golf stance. The difference when swinging the hybrids is that you will play the ball forward. This means that the golf ball should be about 1-2 inches closer to your outward, or weak, foot.

  1. Use a relaxed, loose grip when swinging hybrid irons. Avoid clenching the clubs as doing could throw your swing off just enough to hit the ball at an incorrect angle.

  1. Bring the club head back slowly as you start your backswing.

  2. Your backswing should be controlled, not rushed. This is no different than when swinging your other irons.

  1. Strike the golf ball at a downward angle.

  2. When you swing a hybrid iron, you will want to hit down on the ball.

  3. You might have a small divot when using this type of swing. Large divots, however, are a sign that you are hitting the ball at too much of a downward angle. Your hybrid should sweep underneath the golf ball.

  1. Swing through the ball after you make contact. Doing so puts plenty of air under the ball and will also result in a soft landing.