How to Be a Teen Golf Caddy

The teenage years are a time when many people get their first job. For some teenagers, that job is that of a golf caddy. While teenagers are unlikely to begin by carrying the bags of well-known golfers in large tournaments, many country clubs and other golf courses employ caddies who carry the clubs of golfers during a round of golf. Being a teen golf caddy is a good fit for the school year, since teens can caddy on weekends whenever the course is open, and can caddy all week long when school is out for the summer.

    1. Select the golf course that is the best fit. Some things to consider are how close to home it is, since some teens do not have vehicles; how much the pay is; and how often caddy opportunities are available.

    1. Attend a training session. After you have decided on a course at which to caddy, most courses or clubs will hold mandatory training sessions at which you will learn the various responsibilities of a caddy, such as where to stand during the round and how you should interact with the golfers.

    1. Learn as much about the course as you can.

    2. You should know where the sand traps and water hazards are, for example, as well as how the holes are laid out. While your primary responsibility as a caddy is to carry golf clubs, you may get better tips or otherwise make your golfer happier if you can help out with information during the round.

    1. Learn the rules of golf.

    2. Some courses give their caddies quizzes or tests about golf rules before they can carry the bags of golfers. Additionally, it will be helpful to your golfer if you are able to answer questions should they arise.