How to Hit the Golf Ball 20 Yards Farther

You play a reasonable game of golf, but you feel that if only you could hit the ball about 20 yards farther, you would enjoy the game more and your handicap would go down. Regardless of whether you are fat or thin, tall or short, with an adjustment in your technique, you can hit the golf ball farther. Start lowering your handicap and enjoying the game more by making a few of these changes.

  1. Increase your flexibility so that you can begin to turn your shoulders close to a perpendicular position at the top of your swing. Most amateurs try to use their hands and arms more and try to make up for that by hitting the golf ball harder than they should. Watch a golf tournament on television and you'll see every professional player turn the shoulders at least 90 degrees because most of them spend much of their time in the gym working on their flexibility. You will be shocked by how much longer you hit the golf ball by simply increasing your turn by as little as 10 to 15 degrees.

  1. Lead with your hips and increase your swing speed at the point of impact, because the faster your swing speed, the further you will hit the ball. Experiment by throwing a ball as far as you can without moving your shoulders and hips.

  2. Then throw a second ball using all of your body. The chances are the second ball went much further. Your golf swing is no different. By leading with your hips, you will create a whip action with your arms, thus increasing the speed of your swing.

  1. Move your arms downward only after your hips have turned and shifted forward. You will be creating a condition known as “torque,” or resistance between your upper and lower body.

  2. That, too, will help increase your swing speed and you will hit the ball farther. Once again. It has to do with how flexible you are and there is no substitute for doing exercises to increase it.

  1. Realize that changing your golf swing to the extent explained here will take time, and that it will result in frustration and a lot of miss shots because of poor timing. Practice doing this to the point that it becomes routine, then bask in the glory of amazing your golfing buddies with how much longer you can hit the ball.