What Does a Golf Caddie Wear?

Depending on the level of play--professional or amateur--and the type of golf club--private or public--the required attire for a golf caddie can vary greatly. Public clubs with caddie programs for teenagers usually allow for a variety of choices. But professional caddies must adhere to the rules of the United States Golf Association, the PGA Tour or the rules of the golf club where they are employed.

Teenage Caddies at Private Clubs

Most teenage caddie programs at private golf clubs require the caddies to wear proper golf attire. This usually means a collared golf shirt, Bermuda-length golf shorts or long pants and either running or tennis or golf shoes with soft spikes. But some clubs like Medina Country Club and Naperville Country Club outside Chicago can require caddies--both young men and women--to wear specifically designed golf shirts made for the club.

Teenage Caddies at Public Clubs

There aren't many caddie programs for teenagers at public courses left in the United States, but those that offer them almost always have a dress code. At Cog Hill Golf and Country Club in Lemont, Illinois, the teenage caddies are required to wear collared golf shirts, appropriate golf shorts or long pants (not jeans), and some kind of athletic shoes. Some programs offer specifically designed caps (baseball style) for their caddies.

Caddies at Amateur Tournaments

The United States Golf Association and other organizations running amateur golf competitions regularly permit players to employ personal caddies. In all cases, the organizations have a dress code, usually linked to the caddie clothes requirement of the club hosting the event, or similar to most private club caddie attire requirements.

Professional Caddies

Caddies on the PGA or LPGA tours have specific clothing requirements.

The PGA Tour once banned caddies from wearing shorts, but they are now allowed as long as the club where the tournament is being played allows it. Collared golf shirts, appropriate-length shorts or long golf pants, belts and athletic shoes are required.

Some tournaments require caddies to wear bibs, usually with the logo of the tournament, that cover the chest and back. At Augusta National, where the Masters is played every spring, caddies are required to wear the club's signature white overalls.

Novelty Caddies

In recent years, "novelty" caddie programs have emerged at courses mainly at resort destinations like Las Vegas. Courses are employing young women to caddie for male players and requiring them to wear short-shorts or golf skirts, and bathing suit or halter-style tops or blouses. According to the Par Mates program at Royal Links in Las Vegas, women caddies are given specific "uniforms" to wear.