How to Hit With Hybrid Irons

Hybrid irons are a type of golf club that seeks to combine the best features of both a wood and an iron into a single club. The head of the club is deeper than a standard iron, but shallower than a standard wood, offering the player the benefit of the larger sweet spot that a wood provides while allowing the player to hit the club out of more challenging lies that would otherwise be reserved for an iron.

Maintain the triangle with your arms, from shoulder to shoulder and down each arm, until the natural motion of the back swing causes the rear arm and wrists to begin to bend. Your hands should naturally bend to a 90-degree angle from your lead arm when it has reached parallel with the ground, creating an L-shape.

Stop your back swing when you can no longer comfortably wind back without losing your balance. Over swinging by continuing past this point will lead to erratic shots with your hybrid irons.

Maintain a consistent tempo throughout the entire swing as you strike down on the ball. By driving down on the ball, the clubface will naturally force it up into the air.