How to Hit Off a Golf Tee

A key to a good hole is a good drive. Golfers who hammer their tee shots down the middle of the fairway are far more likely to be satisfied with their scoring than those who don't. One key is teeing the ball up properly. Many golfers take this for granted, but not doing it correctly can be a major problem.

  1. Stick half of the tee into the ground and place a ball on it. Make sure the tee is straight and not leaning.

  1. Place your driver or other wood next to the ball and tee to make sure it is the correct height. The top edge of the driver face should meet the ball at its midpoint. With today's much larger clubs, make sure your tees are big enough to do the job.

  1. Address the ball with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Make sure you are completely balanced with total control of the club.

  1. Position the ball and tee so it's lined up with the inside of your front foot. While this is correct for most players, some will make adjustments based on their swing.

  1. Extend your arms into a V-shape and rest your club head on the ground. The ball should be 2 feet away from you when your knees are bent.

  1. Begin your swing. For right-handers, keep your left arm straight through your backswing and downswing through impact, keeping your eye on the ball and following through.