How to Install Golf Club Grips

If you have access to a work bench with a vise, changing your golf club grips is not difficult. You also will save a lot of money by doing it yourself. Simply remove the old grips and choose the new grips to get started.

Installing a Golf Grip

  1. Tighten the golf club in the vise using a shaft-vise clamp. Align the club so that the score lines on the club face are vertical. If you are using a metal wood that does not have scorelines you can use the "top line" of the face to align the club. It is important to have the club square if you are using a grip with alignment aids.

  1. Measure the amount of double-sided tape you will need to cover the area of the grip, plus an additional 1 inch. Put the tape on the club so that it is centered vertically and the extra inch of tape is beyond the butt end of the club.

  1. Peel the protective side of the tape off. Wrap tape around the club.

  2. Twist excess tape and push into the butt end of the club. Smooth out any air bubbles around the taped area.

  1. Cover the butt end of the grip and squirt mineral spirits into the grip.

  2. Cover both ends and shake the liquid around inside of the grip.

  3. Pour the spirits over the taped area of the club. Have a pan/garbage in position to catch the drippings.

  1. Working quickly before the spirits dry, work the mouth of the grip over the butt end of the club.

  2. Slide the grip all the way down to cover the tape.

  3. The end of the grip should reach the end of the club.

  4. While the tape is still wet adjust the grip to make sure alignment aids are in desired position. Wipe the excess mineral spirits off of the grip.