Tools to Get Golf Balls Out of Ponds

Hitting your golf ball into a water hazard is no laughing matter when it comes time to write down your score, but the situation is somewhat improved if you're able to retrieve the ball. Every golfer who plays on a course with ponds or water hazards should carry a golf ball retriever, which is built specifically for the purpose of salvaging balls that land in the water.

Ball Retriever

A golf ball retriever is the ideal device for pulling a ball out of a water hazard on the course. It is long, with a telescoping handle and a tip with a retrieving tool that allows you to scoop up the ball. Because of its retractable nature, it fits easily in your golf bag without taking up excessive room.


When shortened, a golf ball retriever can be as short as one foot long, although most retriever retract to about three to four feet. Depending on which model you buy, the retriever can extend to between 10 and 15 feet.


Golf ball retrievers have different styles of heads -- from a circular basket to a tapered loop to set of claws. You can even buy retrievers with one or more wheels that roll along the bottom of the pond and pick up multiple balls.

Golf Club

The most basic ball-retrieving tool is a golf club. Choose a club with loft, suchh as a sand wedge or 9-iron, which will allow you to drag the ball to shore and then reach under the ball and lift it up.