Fun Basketball Drills for Kids

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Young players can lose interest in rigorous boot camp-like exercises intended to get them in shape. As a coach, you can harness the imagination of your kids, turning workouts and skill development time into games. You can help your players develop basic skills, such as dribbling, passing and shooting, without taking their minds off the simplicity and fun of playful competition. Coaches in more competitive leagues can use fun drills at the end of practice as a reward for their players' hard work.

Dribbling Drill

The bean bag dribbling race resembles a relay race, with one half of the team competing against the other half. Divide your players into two teams and tell one team to line up behind one basket and the other behind center court. Pile plenty of bean bags at the key halfway between the two teams. When you say "start," the first person at the front of each line should dribble toward the bean bags, grab one bag and return to her line without stopping dribbling. She then passes the ball to the next person in line. Play until no bean bags remain on the court. The team that has collected the most bean bags wins.

Red Light, Green Light

Have all the players line up, each with a basketball. Tell the players to begin dribbling. They should not stop dribbling at all throughout the drill. When you say "green light," they must dribble toward you. When you say "yellow light," they must dribble to their right. When you say "blue light," they must dribble to their left. When you say "red light," they must turn to dribble in the other direction. You can also ask players to stop and pick up the ball at the red light. This game emphasizes continuous dribbling while changing directions and court awareness.