Golfers Diet & Exercise

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Diet and exercise is becoming more important in today’s golf game. Golf players are consistently developing the ability to drive farther because of increased strength and power. Muscular balance and a strong core can assist technique. A healthy diet and regular exercise are both crucial factors in the physical ability of a golfer. Many credit the success of Tiger Woods as having a significant impact on the diet and exercise regimes of professional golfers in the 21st century.


A golf player should consume a healthy, low fat diet that is rich in carbohydrates and protein. Carbohydrates are important to provide energy for weight training workout, and to build and repair muscle during the recovery period. A weight training plan is important to golf performance, muscle strength. Upper body exercises such as bench press and shoulder press are beneficial, as is core strength training to improve muscular balance.


Increased strength and power allow a golf player to strike the ball with more power and velocity during a golf swing, causing the ball to travel farther from the tee when driving. Flexibility training and yoga also can be beneficial to a golf player. The increased mobility allowing for a better golf swing. Strengthened core muscles help the technique of a golf swing by allowing a player more body control during the action.


A good diet helps a golf player train and also keeps him in good health. The consistent play and training required during a golf season is only truly effective when accompanied by a diet that will manage body weight and help muscles develop. South African golfing legend Gary Player said that if professional and amateur players take their health and training seriously they will not only be more focused golf players, but also will be able to play the game for more years.


Any weight training session should be preceded by a thorough warm up and stretching routine. Weight training runs the risk of muscle strains and pulls when the body is not warmed up, and when the training plan is not supervised by a certified trainer. A golfer also must also consider muscle balance; becoming too bulky can hinder the range of motion and reduce the effectiveness of a golf swing.

Expert Insight

Tiger Woods credits his weight training program as a large part of his success. When asked about his success, Woods replied that if you put the work in, on the course and in the fitness room, it pays off. South African professional Retief Goosen credited weight training with Woods as a key factor to his improving performance at major tournaments.