Volleyball Footwork Drills

A block

Simple, focused drills can help your volleyball players improve their footwork and agility. You can do these drills as a team, or instruct your players to complete them at home on a regular basis. Do these drills in sets of 10 repetitions each. Begin with two sets and progress to three, four or five sets.

Stair Jumps

Stair jumps help players strengthen the muscles required for jumping. They also help players practice landing with stability. In practice, have your players do this drill on bleacher steps. At home, they can do the drill with any flight of stairs or set of steps. Have your players jump up onto the first step with their feet together. They should try to keep their feet on the step for as little time as possible before jumping back to the ground.

Lateral Hop and Hold

The lateral hop and hold also helps players develop their balance and stability. Have players begin in an athletic position with their knees bent. They should then balance on the right foot, hop a few feet to the left, land on the left foot and hold the landing for several seconds before hopping back to the right foot. Have players begin by hopping only a few feet. As they develop more ankle strength and more stable landings, have them try to hop a greater distance.

45-Degree Lateral Hop and Hold

This variation on the basic lateral hop and hold helps players practice quick direction changes. When the players hop to one side, they should rotate their bodies 45 degrees so that they face a slightly different direction when they land. Have players focus on landing with stability even with the direction change.

Wall Jumps

The wall jump drill helps players practice their approach toward an attack. Use chalk to mark lines on the wall for the players to reach for when they jump. Begin with lines that the players can easily reach and progress to lines higher and higher up the wall. Have the players begin several paces away from the wall. They should run toward the wall as if toward the net for an attack, and then jump as high as they can to reach for the lines. Players should touch the wall only with their hands at the top of the jump. They should not brush against the wall with any part of their bodies during the jump or descent. In competition, if a player touches the net, his team loses the point.