Standard Length & Width of a Shuttle Court


British troops stationed in India in the 18th century brought an Indian child's game called Poona back to England. There it was first played and popularized at Badminton, the Duke of Beaufort's country estate. The sport of badminton is played on a shuttle court. Somewhat of a cross between volleyball and tennis, it uses a net, lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock -- originally a cork ball with feathers attached. Badminton can be played by two or four players, inside or outside. Today, the Badminton World Federation sanctions the Badminton Super Series, which brings pro players from around the world together in competition.

Shuttle Court Surface

Badminton may be played on turf or on hardwood surfaces specifically constructed for sports, such as a basketball court. Concrete surfaces and carpeted floors are associated with a higher incidence of injury in badminton.

Shuttle Court Layout

The shuttle court is a rectangular playing area. It is marked out by 1 and 1/2-inch wide lines of chalk or some other marking colored white or yellow.

Shuttle Court Length

The shuttle court is 44 feet long. It is bisected by a net 2 feet, 6 inches wide, the top of which is suspended 5 feet from the surface of the court at the centerline.

Shuttle Court Width

The shuttle court playing area is 20 feet wide for doubles play. For singles play, the sidelines are 17 feet wide.

Service Area

The service court is 15 feet, 6 inches in length, beginning at the singles service line and extending forward to another line 6 feet, 6 inches from the net.