Total Trainer Vs. Total Gym

Woman doing Pilates exercises

The Total Trainer home gyms are built by Bayou Fitness. According to their mission statement, their goal is on "selling quality products at wholesale pricing," as well as good customer service. They have a few model options for Total Trainer home gyms, including a Total Trainer Pilates reformer. Total Gym began by marketing their equipment to fitness facilities and physical therapy centers, and then entered the home gym sector. According to their mission statement, their machines "support a philosophy of functional training using dynamic natural movement." This means that any body type and shape can use their equipment. They also have several models available.

Model Options and Warranty

The Total Trainer has seven different models to choose from, including two Pilates-inspired home gyms. Some of their models come fully assembled. All of their models offer a one year no hassle parts and frame warranty. The Total Gym also has seven different models to choose from. Three of these models are commercial-quality machines. They also sell a rebounder for cardio fitness. Their machines offer a five-year frame warranty, a one year parts and upholstery warranty, and a 90-day foam and rubber warranty.

Machine Functions

Both brands provide machines that amplify the effects of body weight exercises, thus toning the entire body. The Total Trainer models also incorporate cardio workouts into their machines. Thus, you can have a cardio and strength training workout using one machine. Total Trainers use a pulley system attached to a roller system to provide resistance to exercises. There is also an option to attach free weights. The Total Gym does not provide a cardio workout. However, it also operates on a pulley system to provide resistance for body weight exercises.

Add-ons and Workouts

The Total Trainer is compatible with several different add-ons, including free weights, leg cuffs, toe bar, squat board, sit-up straps and foot tray, a pushup bar, and a bicep curl press bar. These are designed to increase your total body workout. Depending on the model, some or all of these accessories are included. Each machine also comes with two instructional videos and a workout chart. The Total Gym offers a leg pulley system, a press bar, a pull-up bar, an ab-crunch strap, toe bar, thigh cuff, weight bar, and a variety of weighted ball. Depending on the model, some or all accessories are included, along with several workout videos. They sell a variety of extra videos for many different workouts, including core, arms, legs, interval training, and Pilates.

Price and Dimensions

The Total Trainers all average around 14 inches by 45 inches and weigh under 100 lbs. They fold and roll for easy storage. Depending on the model, they are designed for users up to 385 to 500 pounds. They range from $500 to $900, at the time of publication and are shipped free. The Total Gym is pricier, selling for $900 to $4,900, at the time of publication. They are approximately 16 inches by 47 inches and weigh under 100 lbs. They typically can hold from 350 to 400 pounds.