List of Pro-Form Treadmill Models

Close-up of a young man jogging on a treadmill

Running on a treadmill is a great way to get cardio exercise, especially when the weather is bad or you can't making it to the gym. Pro-Form is a company that manufactures a variety of types of exercise equipment, from treadmills to ellipticals to exercise bikes. Pro-Form also sells various strength-training equipment. The company has a variety of different treadmills categorized by series. Each series has two to four models with varying prices and features to choose from.

Power Series

The power series has three models: the Power 995 I for $999.00, the Power 995C for $949.00 and the Power 1495 for $1,499.00 (2014 prices). These treadmills are iFit enabled, so you can use them with your mac products to track your workout and calories burned. They also have a Commercial Pro Motor, which allows the machine to work for distance, endurance or interval training. These treadmills incline, and the 995 I also has 30 extra workout apps.

Pro Series

The Pro Series has four models: the Pro 2000 for $1,999.00, the Pro 2500 for $1,499.00, the Pro 7000 for $1,799.00 and the Pro 9000 for $1,999.00 (2014 prices). These treadmills decline as well as incline and have full-surface suspension cushioning. They also are equipped with the iFit technology and the 30 workout apps, as well as the Commercial Pro Motor. The Pro 9000 has video workouts.

Boston Marathon Series

The Boston Marathon Series has two models: the Official Boston Marathon Treadmill 4.0 for $3,999.00 and the Official Boston Marathon Treadmill 3.0 for $2,999.00 (2014 prices). These are the most expensive treadmills with the most advanced features for runners, including onboard marathon training, iFit technology, Boston video workouts, Commercial Pro Motor and SpeedRing.

Performance Series

The Performance Series has three models: the Performance 400 C for $799.00, the Performance 600 C for $799.00 and the Performance 1450 for $1,499.00 (2014 prices). These treadmills have a wider variety of tread-belt lengths and motors. This series also offers Pro-Form's cheapest treadmills. They incline -- but they incline less than the other treadmills -- and only one of this series has the Commercial Pro Motor. These treadmills are iFit compatible, but do not have the variety of workout apps or video workouts that the other models do.