Why Do I Hit the Golf Ball to the Left?

Man putting ball, Saipan, USA

The objective of golf is generally to hit the ball in a straight line in an effort to achieve a low score. Hitting the ball right or left of the intended target is one of the fundamental causes of bad golf scores. Although it may be a hard problem to correct, the causes of hitting the ball to the left are often easily identifiable.

Club Face Contact

Regardless of the swing mechanics that may cause a poor golf swing, the ultimate cause of any bad golf shot lies in the way the club face hits the golf ball. Any correction you make to your golf swing should have proper club fact contact as its ultimate objective.

Upper Body Rotation

One of the most common causes of hitting a golf ball left is an over-rotation of your upper body. In order to make proper club contact, your upper and lower body should move as a unit through the golf ball. If your upper body rotates out of your backswing before your lower body, your angle of attack will be aimed to the left at the point of impact. As you finish your swing, the ball will fly in the direction you are now pointing, which is to the left.

Closed Club Face

Even if your body is in proper alignment at the point of impact, your ball may curve to the left after you hit it. Known as a hook, this is due to a closed club face. A closed club face is one in which the toe of the golf club, or the point furthest away from you, reaches the ball before the inner half of your club. This will impart a right-to-left spin to the ball, causing it to curve towards the left as it heads away from you.


When you line up to hit your golf ball, your feet should point in a perpendicular line to where you want the ball to go. If your alignment at address is to the left, a correct golf swing will send the golf ball to the left as well. If your upper and lower body are aligned at impact, and your golf ball flies in a straight line, your footwork may be the cause of your ball flight to the left.

Ball Flight

The flight of your golf ball will go a long way in teaching you how you strike the ball. If your ball flies in a straight line to the left, then your club face is striking the ball squarely. In this situation, the most likely culprits of your ball going left are an improper alignment at address or an over-rotation of the upper body. If your ball starts out straight and hooks to the left, then you are imparting spin to the ball and a closed club face is probably the cause.