Endurance Training in Basketball

Endurance Training in Basketball

Endurance training is essential for basketball players looking to maintain stamina throughout an entire game as well as the entire season. Although endurance training can be performed off the basketball court, it is possible for you to increase stamina and endurance during practice through on-court conditioning drills. Endurance training drills range from on-court line sprints to off-court jogging routines.


Endurance can be broken down into several categories. Speed endurance tests your ability to sustain a high speed and intensity for a longer period of time. Speed endurance drills often involve sprinting and shuffling for extended periods of time.

Strength endurance must be developed in order to stay physical throughout an entire basketball game. Strength endurance is most important for power forwards and centers who need to rebound and box out throughout an entire game.

Other endurance training categories include aerobic, or cardiovascular endurance, and anaerobic endurance, which is the ability to perform repeated bursts of very intense effort.

Time Frame

Endurance training should be maintained throughout the off-season as well as during the regular season. During the regular season, endurance training is often restricted to on-court and gym training such as extended weightlifting and line drills.

The off-season is a time for you to run for extended periods of time, building up cardiovascular stamina and endurance through alternative training techniques. On off days, endurance training can extend for two hours or more. During practice, endurance training should be limited to an hour or less to help keep your body fresh for technical drills.

Burn Out Your Calves

This endurance weight-training exercise will help strengthen your calves, thus improving your jumping abilities at the beginning and end of games.

HOW TO DO IT: Use the calf machine at the gym by first selecting an appropriate weight. Once selected, step up to the machine and place your shoulders under the pads. Let the backs of your feet hang off of the machine and push up onto your toes, using your lower body to avoid straining your back. Lower down to your starting position. Do 15 to 20 repetitions before resting for 30 seconds to one minute. Repeat two more times. Add weight once three sets of 15 to 20 reps become easy.

Team Drill

This endurance training drill will help you build up endurance by simulating in-game fatigue.

HOW TO DO IT: Team up with another player on your team and play against two other players on your team. If you score a point, the defense has to do 10 pushups. If the defensive team successfully stops you from scoring, then you have to do 10 crunches. Rotate offense and defense between each point and play up to 10. The losing team has to sprint from baseline to baseline before playing again.

Jump Rope Drill

This endurance training drill will help you improve agility, quickness and stamina with the help of a jump rope. Jumping rope also helps improve your hand-eye coordination as well as your individual timing.

HOW TO DO IT: Stand at center court with a jump rope in hand. On your coach's whistle, start jumping rope at a relaxed pace. Every time your coach blows a whistle, stop jumping rope and perform 10 pushups. After completing the push-ups, get back up and start jumping rope again. Increase the speed of the rope as your strength improves.