DP Airgometer Bike Exercises


The DP Airgometer is an exercise bike that utilizes two independent arm handles in addition to pedals. You may pedal the bike with your legs or use your arms to pump the handles to exercise. The heart, lungs and blood vessels will all benefit from cardiovascular exercise performed on the DP Airgometer.

Ride for Time

Determine the amount of time you are able to exercise and ride the DP Airgometer for that time. If you are a beginner you would select between 10 to 15 minutes while an advanced rider would select between 45 to 60 minutes of continuous riding.

Ride for Distance

The DP Airgometer has a digital readout that provides information on distance covered during exercise. A basic goal for exercise may be to ride continuously for one mile. As you progress with your exercise program you can add distance to each exercise bout. An increase of 1/2 mile with each exercise session is a safe and effective progression for your exercise program.

Interval Exercise

Interval exercise is a form of cardiovascular training in which you combine high intensity and low intensity riding in a single exercise session. On the DP Airgometer you would ride as fast as possible for a period of 60 seconds immediately followed by a period of very slow riding for 60 seconds. You perform these combined intervals for a period of 30 to 60 minutes depending on your level of exercise experience.

Arms Only

The DP Airgometer allows you to use both your arms and legs while exercising. A unique exercise variation with the DP Airgometer is to use only your arms. Position your feet on the pedals of the bike. Use your arms in a pumping action on the handles to pedal the bike. Because of the smaller muscles of the upper body you may not be able to ride as long. Ride using your arms only for 10 to 20 minutes.