The Best Women's Exercise DVDs

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Exercise DVDs can help you squeeze in workouts when you don't have time to get to the gym. They're also great for those who prefer to work out at home. Women have a variety of DVDs to choose from for building strength, blasting calories and having fun while sweating. While the best DVDs vary depending on individual preferences and goals, some DVDs are better than others at helping improve overall fitness and preventing boredom so that you're more likely to come back for more.

Change It Up With Jane

Get an exercise DVD that includes a combination of cardio, strength and stretching. Jane Fonda, a women's fitness figure and actress, has been at the forefront of women's exercise videos for decades. Now she has DVDs, too. Tone up and trim down your upper and lower body in two specialized workouts with "Jane Fonda Prime Time: Trim, Tone & Flex." Jane's enthusiasm combined with a variety of easy-to-follow exercises, like squats and lunges, will get your quads burning and keep your motivation high.

Pump Up The Cardio

Cardio training improves heart health and burns calories, helping you drop excess pounds. The best women's DVDs include a cardio component to get your heart pumping, breathing elevated and sweat pouring. Try "Exhale: Core Fusion Cardio Pure Intensity," which turns sweaty yoga moves such as downward facing dog into heart-raising mountain-climbing action, where you alternate bringing each knee to your chest while in a full plank position. Another calorie burner is "Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism," which puts you through seven six-minute circuits for a hardcore 40-minute workout.

Tone Up With TV

Women's DVDs should include a significant strength-training component to tone up, increase strength and gain lean muscle mass. Jillian Michaels delivers a hit of muscle-building moves with her "Kickbox FastFix" DVD. Exercises include lifting dumbbells as well as a series of kicking, jabbing and punching motions for chiseled arms. You can also tone up with "Jackie: Power Circuit Training," a DVD that focuses on each muscle group with three excercises before repeating all three exercises at a faster pace for fewer reps in an intense power circuit.

Breathe & Stretch

Stretching exercises help prevent injuries by lengthening contracted muscles and increasing flexibility. "Tara Stiles: This Is Yoga" will entice you with a series of stretching and breathing exercises for relaxation in beautiful settings such as Malibu. More magazine also recommends "Heavyweight Yoga: Yoga For The Body You Have Today with Abby Lentz," a DVD that offers yoga postures and modifications for plus-sized women looking to trim down, tone up and boost self-confidence.