Where to Find a Cheap Elliptical Machine

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If you enjoy using your gym's elliptical machine but find you don't visit the gym as often as you should, your next step is to find a machine for your home. Using an elliptical machine strengthens a range of muscles, burns hundreds of calories and is suitable for any fitness level. These machines can be expensive, but it's possible to find a cheap one if you look in the right places.

Browse the Used Market

Whenever you're anxious to buy an inexpensive item of any nature, your local classifieds are an effective place to start. Browse not only the classified section of your city's daily newspaper, but also a number of online classified sites for your city. At any given time, it's easy to find people trying to sell used exercise equipment for a variety of reasons. Focus on ads that clearly describe the machine's current condition and include photos.

Look for Sales

Browse the weekly flyers and websites of fitness and sporting goods stores in your city to keep an eye on the price of elliptical machines. While stores might lower the price of the machines to a slight degree throughout the year, look for larger savings around key times of the year, such as Boxing Day and Black Friday. Quantities of marked-down items are often limited on these days, so be vigilant about acting quickly if you see a sale.