Universal Weight Machine Workout

Universal Weight Machine Workout

Beginning an exercise program can be intimidating. If you want to avoid this feeling, get familiar with a Universal weight machine. You'll eliminate some of the fear associated with resistance training; you don't have to worry about dropping a heavy weight on your foot. Universal weight machines are versatile, beginner-friendly systems that can be used to do a complete range of exercises safely.

They Teach You Good Posture

Using a Universal weight machine will help you keep good form, which is critical, especially to a beginner. Universal weight machines are designed to keep you locked into place with specific adjustments. They are set up to guide you through the correct posture and form. This will be important when you're ready to start doing other exercises that require more mind-body awareness, like using free weights. When you use free weights, you don't have a machine to help keep your back straight; you have to guide yourself.

No Heavy Weight Plates

Universal weight machines work on a pin-loaded pulley system. They don't require you to use weight plates like barbells do. They simply require you to put the pin in whatever weight you would like to use. If you'd like to do a chest press with 10 lbs., for instance, you'd simply put the pin inside the 10-lb. plate.

A Safe Start

Universal machines are a great place to start a weight-training program. All the basic exercises you'll learn how to do on the Universal are also in other forms of machines throughout gyms. You can apply what you've learned on the Universal and use it with other machines. These machines are also safer than free weights because you're guided through the motions. Your body is in a fixed plane where you can't drop weights or make awkward movements that may cause injury. A Universal weight machine workout allows you to build strength safely.

Good For Circuits

The quickest way to build whole body strength is with a circuit program. Always begin with a large muscle group. Start with the lat pulldown or row, then do the leg press, chest press, leg extension, shoulder press, and leg curl. Do each exercise in that order at a weight that's easy to lift 15 times. Do one to three circuits, one to three times a week on alternating days, depending on what you can handle.