Free Facial Exercises for Women

Juriah Mosin/Hemera/Getty Images

Your face naturally loses tone as you age, but just like the rest of your body, regular exercise can help you maintain facial muscle strength and a firmer appearance, says Fitness Health Zone. A regular face workout also will increase circulation to carry vital nutrients to the area and flush out toxins.

Reduce a Double Chin

Stand or sit up tall and tilt your head back so you're looking skyward. Then, pucker up as if you are going to kiss the ceiling. The Facial Exercises Guide suggests really exaggerating the movement by stretching your lips and drawing the skin tight over your chin. Hold for five seconds and repeat at least five times.

Neck Stretch

This exercise will also help to reduce or avoid a double chin. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed, Indian style, and put your left palm on the floor beside your left hip, says The Facial Exercises Guide. Gently place your right hand on the left side of your face near the ear. Very carefully lower your right cheek toward your right shoulder, applying gentle pressure with your right palm. Be careful not to twist your neck. Take your left hand off the floor and place your fingers on your left upper arm or shoulder -- this will increase the stretch down the left side of your neck. Hold for about 10 seconds, and then repeat the stretch on the right side.

Firm Up Your Neck

This exercise will help to firm up the front of your neck and jaw line. TargetWoman -- an online directory for women -- says to lie on your bed with your head hanging over the edge, then gently raise your head, bringing your chin toward your chest. Use slow, smooth movements, as jerking can hurt your neck. Hold for 10 seconds, then relax. Do five slow repetitions.

Smoothe Your Forehead

This exercise is like press ups for your eyebrows, and it strengthens the muscles in your forehead. Saga -- a health and lifestyle website for people over 50 -- says to place your index fingers above each eyebrow and apply firm pressure. Raise your eyebrows, as if you're trying to move your fingers. Saga suggests doing three sets of up to 10 repetitions.

Keep Your Cheeks in Check

Firm up sagging cheeks by smiling under pressure. Place the three middle fingers of each hand on your cheeks and apply light downward pressure, says Fitness Health Zone. At the same time, lift your cheeks up by smiling under your fingertips, using them as resistance. Hold your smile for a few seconds, and repeat as many times as you can.