Exercises to Firm Up a Sagging Neck & Jawline

When gaining weight or aging, one of the most noticeable changes can often be seen in the neck and jawline. The double chin and the turkey neck are just some of the issues you may face. Performing daily neck and face exercises can help firm up the neck and jawline with minimal effort.

Chin and Throat Stretch

Perform a chin and throat stretch to firm the neck. Stand with your legs spread so that the feet are parallel with the shoulders. Bend at the knees slightly and let your arms hang down. Place your lower lip over your top and hold it in place. Breath in through your nose slowly bringing your head back so that your face is toward the ceiling. You will feel a stretch at the front of the neck. If you feel any pain you have brought the head back too far. Hold the position for fove to 10 seconds. Exhale and bring the head back down slow and controlled. Do this three or four times and repeat two to three times a day. This will firm the front of the neck.

Side Neck Stretch

Stand or sit in a chair with the back and neck straight up. Put your lower lip above your top one. Breath in slowly and turn your head to the right. Turn the head so that you are looking over your shoulder. If you feel grinding, bring the stretch back a bit. Bring the chin down so that it is touching the shoulder. Hold the stretch for three to five seconds. You should feel the stretch at the lower part of the neck. Roll your head down into the chest and repeat the stretch on the other side of the body and hold the stretch again. Do this three or four times on each side, two to three times a day, to strengthen the jawline.

Sagging Neck Exercise

This exercise requires a funny face, so stand in a room where you will not be disturbed. Facing a mirror, pout your lips out like you are kissing and hold it for three seconds. From the kissing position, bring the lips back so that you are doing a wide grin. Hold the grin for three seconds, then open the mouth as wide as you can and hold this for three seconds. Repeat this exercise 20 to 30 times twice a day.