The Best Soccer Turf Shoes

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Soccer shoes are designed with the playing field in mind, making the purchase of the right kind of shoe even more crucial. Turf shoes allow athletes to play on both indoor fields and artificial turf, with a durable rubber outsole and fewer traction studs than other kinds of athletic shoes. When shopping, consider your position on the team to find the perfect soccer turf shoe for your needs.

Shoes for Strikers: Adidas adiZero

Strikers need light, comfortable shoes for last-second sprints and kicks. The Adidas adiZero collection boasts an enhanced stud alignment allowing for maximum acceleration and precise turns, while newer models have been outfitted with a HybridTouch material that helps the shoe conform to your foot.

Shoes for Midfielders: Nike Total 90

Like strikers, attacking midfielders must be quick and light on their feet, searching for an opening. The Nike Total 90 range focuses on lightweight shoes that allow for clean strikes to the ball. The new Elite model weighs only 8 ounces and is lined with impact-absorbing strike pods, offering power without sacrificing speed.

Shoes for Defenders: Nike Tiempo IV

Defenders have what might be the most physical role on the team, so their shoes must be durable, stable and protective. Worn by Sergio Ramos of the Real Madrid team, the Nike Tiempo range prioritizes comfort and durability, emphasized by extra cross-stitching across the forefoot to increase protection in a vulnerable area.