How to Improve Stamina for Football

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Football places certain physical demands on the players participating in the game. It requires strength, speed, balance and agility. The game itself is structured to take place in quick bursts; players often must go at full speed throughout a play lasting from three to 30 seconds, then rest, line up, and do it again. The on-again/off-again pace can make it difficult for a player to go the distance of an entire game. Improving stamina is critically important, since many of the game-deciding plays will occur in the final minutes of the game.

Perform interval training with sprints and shuttle runs several times each week as a supplement to the drills and activities you already do in practice. Each session should be between 30 and 40 minutes.

Run longer distances at least twice a week. Use either a running or jogging pace, and build up your distance over the course of weeks -- up to 2 miles per session.

Eat a nutritionally appropriate diet. The balanced diet should be comprised of 40 percent protein, 30 percent simple carbohydrates such as fruit and vegetables, and 30 percent healthy fats from nuts, fatty fish and flax seeds.

Perform routine workouts that feature plyometrics. Box jumps, ladder drills and cone drills will help develop agility as well as stamina. During the off-season, perform several sessions each week. During the season, add no more than two supplemental sessions in between practice and gametime.


Don’t overdo it. Fold in supplement workouts with your team’s training schedule. Begin the additional workouts during the off-season if possible.