Miracle Ball Exercises

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Many people suffer from chronic tension and pain. Muscle tension comes from an injury, stress or incorrect postural alignment. Tension creates pain, pain brings more stress and stress creates more tension, and the vicious pain circle has started. In addition to stretching, massage and meditation, another way to break the pain cycle is by using miracle balls to release in your body.

Breathing for Stress Relief

Place your body on the miracle balls and allow your body to give in to them. Breathe fully and deeply to bring oxygen into your muscles, and feel how the muscles are relaxing. It can happen instantly or slowly, over time, because everybody responds differently. Feel the weight of your body sinking into the balls, and let gravity do the job. Make sure to exhale fully before you take in another breath.

Hips on the Balls

Hips on the balls exercise is effective for lower back and sciatica pain relief. Lie on the floor on your back, bend your legs and rest your feet on the floor. Place one miracle ball under your hips, or if you feel unstable, use two balls -- one on either side of your tailbone. You may feel small movements in your body while resting on the ball. Do not resist those movements in an effort to remain still. Your body is finding its natural balance. Breathe deeply, and feel the weight of your body sinking into the balls while your muscles are relaxing. Keep this position for two to five minutes, then place the balls in another location under your hips where you feel tension and repeat the relaxation.

Head on the Ball

Head on the ball exercises relieve tension headaches and a stiff neck and shoulders while promoting relaxation. Lie on the floor, stretch your legs and place the miracle ball under your neck, just where the top of the neck meets the base of the skull. Breathe deeply, and feel your neck and the weight of your head as you are relaxing into the ball. Maintain this position for two to three minutes.

Head Turns on the Ball

Place the miracle ball under your neck, and let your neck muscles relax for two minutes. Then, move your head slowly toward the right shoulder, breathe deeply and feel the weight of your head. The movement needs to be very slow, almost unnoticeable to an observer. Once you reach the furthest point that you feel comfortable, reverse the movement and slowly turn your head to the opposite shoulder. It can take two to three minutes to turn your head from side to side, or more if you wish. After the exercise, your neck muscles will feel relaxed and you may feel the relaxation down your entire back.