How to Wrap an Ankle With an Ace Bandage


An "ace bandage" is an elastic wrap about 2 inches wide and 4 feet long that comes in a roll with fastenings made of either Velcro or metal clips to keep it in place once wrapped. The bandage keeps a firm but gentle pressure on the injured area. It can help reduce swelling if the ankle is sprained and give the joint support. It can also hold dressings in place if there is a wound.

Hold the end of the wrap with one hand and the roll in the other and wrap the bandage twice around the foot with sufficient overlapping so the bandage end stays in place. Move the roll around to the back of the ankle and then across to the foot and around it, criss-crossing the bandage in a figure eight. Leave the heel uncovered. Repeat this back and forth in a figure-eight wrap to give proper support to the ankle.

Overlap the bandage above the ankle after the second figure eight and continue the wrap around the ankle and calf area. Wrap it around several times like a screw thread toward the knee. The foot and ankle should feel a firm pressure and support, but not so tight that blood flow is constricted.

Fasten the ends with the supplied Velcro or metal clips. Loosen and rewrap the ankle a couple of times a day for good blood flow. If numbness or the color of your ankle changes to blue, unwrap it and gently massage the blood flow back into circulation. If color change persists or goes to white or bright red, consult medical advice.