The Best Quality Equestrian Helmets

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Riders need the best quality helmets available to protect them from potentially serious or fatal injuries. When you're considering a particular helmet, the most important thing to look for is whether it meets the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials and/or Safety Equipment Institute. Competitors in domestic and international riding events must have helmets that comply with the safety standards of the host country.

Quality Standards

The United States Equestrian Foundation insists that riding helmets worn during equestrian events meet or exceed ASTM/SEI standards. ASTM F1163 is the relevant standard for riding headgear. Reputable sellers highlight the selection of the brands that conform to the standards. Your choice of the best helmet should be based on the type of riding you regularly take part in and the manufacturer's reputation. You may also have a helmet for training and one for competition. Expect to pay $30 for an ASTM-certified schooling helmet, and $200 to $700 for premium quality riding helmets.