How to Make Your Own Golf Mat

How to Make Your Own Golf Mat

Building your own golf mat takes a bit of work, but with some careful cutting -- or a little help -- you can build a practice mat and work on your golf game in your backyard or garage. Just combine a commercial mat with a piece of wood and get ready to knock the kinks out of your swing.

Prepare a 4-by-8-foot plywood sheet to be cut down to 4 by 5 feet. Set the wood on a pair of sawhorses, measure 3 feet in along the longer side and mark the dimensions with a carpenter's pencil. Mark a long cutting line with a straight edge. Mark a second line representing the travel of the circular saw’s base plate. Clamp a 2-by-4 or cutting guide along the travel guideline.

Put on a pair of safety goggles and wear a pair of gloves. Set the circular saw's baseplate onto the wood and align the blade with your cutting line. Align the baseplate edge with your cutting guide. Turn on the saw, push it directly at your line and then cut along the line. If you don't have a saw or you don't wish to make the cut yourself, have a lumberyard cut the plywood down to size for you.

Spray a multi-purpose adhesive onto the wood. Lay the golf mat -- measuring 4 x 5 feet or less -- on top and quickly smooth it out so it lays flat on the board. Allow the glue to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If in doubt, let it dry for 24 hours. Alternatively, use a brush to spread contact cement on top of the wood and on the bottom of the golf mat. Allow the cement to dry for the time recommended by the manufacturer and then place the mat on the wood. The mat will bond immediately with the wood, so have a helper hold one side of the mat, line it up and place it very carefully onto the wood. Run a rubber roller over the mat after it's in place.


Set up a golf net to place in front of your mat to create a home driving range.