The Best Insoles for Hiking

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Your feet are the most essential piece of hiking equipment, therefore making sure they are comfortable is paramount. While a good hiking boot provides substantial protection, the addition of an extra insole can make a significant difference to your foot comfort and health. Your insole needs may depend on your feet -- some people need arch and heel support, while other people need cushioned insoles -- and there are even heated insoles for those seeking added warmth.

Insoles for Sport or Comfort

If you're experiencing discomfort, blisters or foot injuries from hiking, it's time to get some insoles. A podiatrist can advise you if you're unsure about your specific needs, but hiking insoles fall into two categories: comfort and sport. The best comfort insoles are typically made of gel or foam, while the sport insoles are made of harder materials because their function is to support the foot and provide stability.

Choice of Insole

The site Insoles and Beyond points out that hiking boots are constructed to provide plenty of foot room. This roominess allows you space for insoles with deep heel pockets and thick cushioning to provide the maximum comfort and shock absorption. If you're a first-time buyer, you may find it helpful to visit a specialist shop and try a range of insoles in your boots to see which ones fit your feet best, particularly if you're buying custom insoles which are shaped to your foot to create an even distribution of pressure.