The Best Leg Shavers

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What to Look For

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There are many leg shavers on the market, so be picky when you shop for them. Look for a shaver that fits well in your hand to ensure a comfortable grip while you shave your legs. Check whether the leg shaver is meant for wet or dry use. Battery-operated or rechargeable models are the smartest choices if you plan on wet shaving, because you likely will be shaving your legs in or near water. Remember to price not only the shaver but the replacement blades and batteries.

Common Pitfalls

A lower quality leg shaver may not hold a charge for very long, causing the shaver to stop working before you are done using it. You may have difficulty shaving curvy areas of the legs with a leg shaver, because the heads are generally larger than those of a conventional razor. Leg shavers also tend to cause more pain than conventional razors, because the shavers pull the hair as they shave. Replacement blades cost as much as $10 to $30, but they typically do not need changing as often as the manufacturer suggests.

Where to Buy sells a variety of leg shavers available at prices lower than average. Fifty percent of the leg razors sold include warranties with the purchase prices. offers free or discounted shipping on many of its shavers. This company also displays customer reviews and ratings when available, which offers peace of mind to buyers.

Cost sells leg shavers ranging in price from $20 to $120 as of 2010. Lower priced shavers tend to come with fewer features than the higher priced ones. For example, the leg shaver priced at $120 comes with three heads, while the shaver priced at $20 comes with only one. The extra heads allow you to adjust the cut of the shaved hair to longer lengths. Lower priced leg shavers have only one set length to which the hair must be shaved.

Comparison Shopping

Wet shavers offer the option of shaving with lotion or cream, while dry shavers may be used only on dry skin. Some leg shavers are designed to be used either wet or dry, according to your preference. Baby powder or other made-for-shaving body powders are sometimes used with dry shavers. They protect the skin from irritation.


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Shaving powders, gels, creams and lotions help give a smoother shave, and are sold in almost every drugstore. Be sure to check the label of the shaving accessory you choose to make sure it will not damage your leg shaver. Aftershave lotion, which is traditionally used on the face, can also be used on the legs and helps prevent irritation of the skin.