The Best Rated Ice Hockey Skates

Hockey skates are your most important investment when it comes to playing this fast action, high octane sport. Made of leather and synthetic material, the top skates are made by Reebok, Easton, Graf, CCM and Bauer. In addition to the quality of skate, fit is very important and skates should be snug and yet comfortable.

The Reebok Pump

Reebok offers the 20K Pumper skate, with a pump that eliminates excess air in the boot and customizes to your foot. The skate has a flexible back tendon for greater mobility.

The Easton Mako

The Easton Mako ice hockey skate is a high quality skate that has moisture wicking to keep player's feet dry and comfortable. These skates are flexible enough to offer a complete toe snap process .

Graf Skates

The Graf Supra and Ultra series are worn by a number of professional hockey players, including David Booth, Dennis Wideman. Graf is the top hockey skate of NHL officials, worn in the Stanley Cup Finals

CCM Skates

The CCM U +12 and the CCM RBZ are two high quality, lightweight skates that can be heat molded for a superior fit.

Bauer Skates

The top Bauer hockey skates are the Vapor, Nexus and Supreme lines. These skates are ultra-lightweight and offer speed, power, flexibility and superior ankle support.

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