Outdoor Challenge Games

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Outdoor challenge games can teach children and adults team building, problem solving and positive risk taking while participating in fun activities. You can choose challenge games based on the age and ability level of the participants, as well as the equipment you have available. In some cases, you can even take the participants to a ropes course. Ropes courses offer both high and low-challenge games that help participants tackle problems as a team while facing fears and building trust.

Spider Web

The Spider Web activity requires you and your team to problem solve and work together to achieve success. Generally offered on a low-ropes challenge course, you can build your own spider web by stringing rope back and forth between two upright posts or two trees, creating a series of approximately 10 small and large holes large enough for a person's body to pass through.

All players must cross from one side of the web to the other without touching any part of the web or walking around the outside of the web. Once a portion of the web has been used as a pass-point, that hole closes, and you cannot use it again. Teammates must problem solve and work together to determine how to get all participants across. If anyone touches the web, she must return to the starting point before trying again. If three total members touch the web while trying to cross, all members must return to the start.

Telephone Pole Shuffle

The telephone pole shuffle requires a telephone pole segment lying horizontally, a few feet from the ground. This game requires that all team members stand on the telephone pole. One at a time, each team member moves from one side of the telephone pole to the other. As you move, neither you nor the other participants may fall or step off the pole. You must all work together to determine new ways to transfer over and past one another so that everyone achieves success.

Nitro Crossing

The nitro crossing game is often used at low ropes courses because of the equipment involved. Two platforms sit approximately 10 feet apart. If you don't have platforms, designate two areas with cones. A rope hangs suspended directly between the two platforms. All the players start on one platform, and all players must work together to cross the "nitro river" flowing between the two platforms. If anyone touches the river as he crosses from one platform to the other, all players must start over. This challenge requires that team members work together and problem solve to achieve success as a group.

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