The Best Rated Portable Basketball Hoops

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What to Look For

Good brands of portable basketball hoops include Spalding, Lifetime, Goalrilla, and Mammoth. Goalrilla and Mammoth offer substantially more expensive, high-quality hoops, while Spaulding and Lifetime hoops are more affordable. Look for stability and a high quality backboard. Glass is the best choice, polycarbonate is the next best, and acrylic is offered in the very cheapest models. In terms of stability, the wider the base pole is, the more stability you guarantee. The Goalrilla E1 model offers a 6-by-8 inch base pole, placing it a step above its competitor's model which has a 6-by-6 inch pole.

Common Pitfalls

Basketball hoop buyers can often make the mistake of not paying attention to detail in their purchase. For example, Spalding and Lifetime may offer a nearly identical portable hoop at around the same price, but at closer look, you'll find that the Lifetime hoop has a larger backboard made of glass and a padded base pole, while the Spalding backboard is made from polycarbonate and has no added stability or padding at its base. Pay attention to these details and you'll make the better all-around choice.

Where to Buy

The best place to buy a portable basketball hoop is at a mass-market sporting goods store, such as Dick's Sporting Goods or Sports Authority. These places will offer the best variety, decent prices, and frequent sales. You can also take advantage of the sales associates at these stores, who are trained to give you an informed opinion on the best portable basketball hoop.


A good portable basketball hoop can cost anywhere from $100 to $2,000. Goalrilla, the leading top quality brand, offers hoops averaging around $1,500, while Spalding offers basic portable hoop options in kids sizes for under $100.