Bowflex Treadclimber Workout Plan

According to Bowflex, the TreadClimber line of cardio equipment provides the motions of a treadmill, stair-stepper and elliptical machine all in one unit that burns calories more efficiently than all three. When using a TreadClimber machine, you can select a number of programmed routines or adjust the motion and resistance settings manually to create a customized workout.


The machine can be used either in treadmill, stair-stepper or TreadClimber mode, which combines walking and stepping using two independent belts on separate treadles. Within each of these formats you can workout at a steady pace, a pre-programmed quick start or with resistance interval training. In addition to the maximum exertion period of each workout, a warm-up and cool-down period should be included to transition your body throughout the routine.

Time Frame

When first beginning workouts on the TreadClimber machines, Bowflex advises exclusively using the treadmill setting for the first week. During the second week and beyond you should introduce 30-minute TreadClimber workouts up to three times a week. The intensity of your workouts on the TreadClimber can be increased by substituting one or two of your regular routines with interval training.


Treadmill workouts on the TreadClimber are primarily used as a way to burn calories. Though they cannot be carried out at high speeds, increasing the incline angle of the treadles will cause you to exert greater energy and burn calories. The stair-stepper exercises are used for toning your leg muscles and torso. TreadClimber routines combine both of these motions to maximize your cardiovascular and body toning benefits.


Prior to choosing a workout on your TreadClimber, Bowflex recommends undertaking a general fitness examination to determine your fitness level. The workout plan you select on your TreadClimber should allow you to reach between 50 and 80 percent of your maximum heart rate. When exercising at this rate, you will be at your maximum capacity for burning fat and improving your cardiovascular ability.


Bowflex TreadClimbers only have a speed capacity between 0.5 and 4 mph. This means that a workout at more than a brisk walking pace is not possible. While the incline settings on the treadles increase the intensity of the workout, running is not possible on the machine. Additionally, the machine is compact, so long walking strides that would engage your upper leg muscles are not possible.