Information on the NordicTrack CX 1000 Elliptical

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The NordicTrack CX 1000 is a folding, rear-drive elliptical machine designed for residential use only. This compact elliptical is not made to handle the increased rigors of commercial use and only allows for a maximum user weight of 250 pounds. Originally produced in 2008, you won’t find this elliptical new, but you may find used machines available at discounted prices.

Set Up and Fold Up

When setting up your CX 1000, make sure you have plenty of clearance around the machine. The American Council on Exercise recommends having at least 30 square feet of available space for an in-home elliptical machine. When you're not using the CX 1000, you can fold it up and store it in a closet or corner. To fold the unit, lift the lock latch and slide each pedal arm off its sleeve. Raise the pedal arms until they secure to the magnets on the handlebars. Grab the handle on the back of the unit and lift the frame until it locks in a vertical position. Move the machine by tilting it forward and rolling it on its front wheels.

Mount Up and Go

To mount the CX 1000, hold the handlebars and step onto the lowest pedal. Place your other foot on the opposite pedal and push the pedals forward to start your workout and activate the electronic display. NordicTrack recommends starting with a forward pedaling direction, but you can reverse the motion for variety in your workouts. The CX 1000 offers three pedal stride lengths, but you have to adjust them manually by moving the adjustment brackets on the crank arm. Users with long legs will feel more comfortable with a longer stride length and vice versa.

Ramp Up and Track Intensity

Adjust the intensity of your CX 1000 workout in one of two ways: change the pedal resistance or change your pedal speed. Choose from ten different pedal resistance levels by pressing the up and down arrow keys on the console. Track your workout intensity using the pulse sensors on the sides of the console. Grab the console with your palms over the sensors until your heart rate appears on the display. NordicTrack warns that many factors affect the heart rate reading and it may not be exact. Do not use the heart rate sensors as a replacement for a medical device.

Change It Up

The CX 1000 features two built-in pulse control programs and eight built-in workout programs. When you choose a pulse control program, the CX 1000 will prompt you to select a target heart rate. The machine will then automatically adjust the pedal resistance and prompt you to change your pedal speed to maintain this heart rate. When you select one of the eight built-in workout programs, the CX 1000 divides the workout into one-minute segments. It changes the pedal resistance and prompts different pedaling speeds for each segment of the workout, although some segments may repeat the same intensity settings.

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