Online Kickboxing Training

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Kickboxing training is an increasingly popular form of exercise whether you are looking to learn to fight or to get fit. With the growing amount of instructional material available on the Internet, it can be as easy to get top class training from world class professionals as it is to get coaching at a local gym.


Although a lot of pnysical training is available on the Internet, you should really seek to train with a qualified coach as regularly as you can. Even though your coach may not be as famous or well renowned as an online authority, an instructor able to watch you and correct you in person is much more important unless you have significant experience. Online training can offer you something different, but always focus on your actual training.


You can get videos explaining almost any aspect of any style of kickboxing. From DVDs to short videos, you should be able to find something relating to your interests, whether it is on a single specific aspect, such as footwork or the correct way to throw a spinning back kick, or something with a larger scope, such as what makes Savate kickboxing so distinct from other styles. You can purchase DVDs online for delivery, or buy or watch free material online. Live training online is available through some gyms through Skype or a webcam. Personalized training via Skype allows you to directly interact with a trainer -- the trainer shows you exercises in real time and he/she gives you feedback as you practice. You need a computer or iPad with video capabilities, a free Skype account and a workout space to do this type of online training.


The difficulty lies in integrating the information you acquire online with your coaches' instruction. You can suffer from information paralysis if you focus too much on studying new material rather than fully integrating what you have already learned. Kickboxing is a very simple art and one full of subtleties. Although there are only a few punches and kicks to learn, learning to throw them with correct technique and with the correct timing and distance, while also dealing with a live opponent, is the essence of the sport. This requires constant practice to become second nature and the more you are trying to think about different things you have seen, the harder it is to focus on what you are doing.


If you live somewhere without a martial arts school, or without a school that teaches the particular style you are interested in, then you will have to make do. You can make signifcant strides practicing on your own, doing footwork drills, shadowboxing or striking a kick bag. However, training on your own can only take you so far, as kickboxing is a combat art. If you can find a training partner, you can run through drills together, building up contact drills and acquainting yourself with contact and sparring. Use the information you find online to guide your own practice.


While it is possible to learn online at any stage in your kickboxing career, it is always best to train with someone who can give you feedback. The more experienced you are, the more likely you are to be able to feel if you are doing something wrong, although it can be hard to tell if you cannot see yourself. As a beginner, you may be able to learn the basics and get a feel for the sport. Whatever stage you are at, you should use online training as a supplement toward your actual physical practice. Whatever you are interested in working on, you must actually practice the techniques otherwise you will not actually improve. Focus on one piece of material at a time, rather than simply trying to gather as much information as possible. Kickboxing is not about knowing: its about doing.