How to Troubleshoot a Fitness Quest Edge Recumbent Bike

smiling independent mechanics girl holding wrench for self-automotive repair

When going to the gym just isn't feasible, having exercise equipment at home can make a substantial difference in your fitness. Cardiovascular machines like the Fitness Quest Edge Recumbent Bikes allow for a low-impact, calorie-burning workout on your time in the comfort of your home. If you've been using your Edge Recumbent Bike for some time, it's a good idea to take a look at the parts and make sure that everything is operating well.

The Bike's Console and Heart Rate Monitors

Unplug the bike from the wall. If the bike's display stops working, open the battery door behind the console. Remove the old batteries, and replace them with four new "C" batteries. Make sure the +/- terminals are properly aligned. Close the battery door.

Wipe off the conductive area of the heart rate monitors with window glass cleaner. A film of sweat and dirt can prevent the monitors from accurately reading your heart rate.

Make sure the connections running from the handles to the console are connected. Remove the console by using the Phillips screwdriver to remove all of the screws that are holding the console to the console tube.

Lift the console gently so that you can see the wires running up into it. The pulse wires will be the two smallest wires in the console tube. Check to see that they are properly connected. If they are, replacement of the wires may be needed.

Place the console back on the console tube. Reinsert the screws using the Phillips screwdriver.

Troubleshooting the Bike's Instability

Determine where the instability comes from. If you can't, start by adjusting the levelers at the base of the bike. Once you have adjusted the levelers to a level position, carefully test the bike to see if it's stable.

Manually tighten every nut, screw and bolt. You can tighten the hardware using the Allen wrench, Phillips screwdriver or adjustable wrench, depending on which items are loose.

Contact the manufacturer for further information if you've tightened everything and the bike still rattles while in operation. Disassembling the bike can void the warranty.


There may be subtle differences between the different Fitness Quest Edge Recumbent Bikes, so be sure to check your bike's owner's manual for specific details associated with your bike.


Unplug the bike from the wall during any maintenance in which you remove the console.