How to Use the Body by Jake Total Body Trainer


The Body by Jake Total Body Trainer is a system designed to support sculpting and shaping the body with a bi-directional pivoting arm that can be used to train the muscles of the abdominals, back, chest and biceps. This exercise equipment is designed to be used in one synergistic circuit that utilizes muscle resistance as well as cardiovascular aerobic exercise to offer the user a quick, simple approach at fitness and weight loss.

Adjust the machine to your height and range of motion for a crunch movement forward from the sitting position. Sit squarely on the machine and wrap your hands around from underneath the front pads that are near your chest. Apply resistance to the core as you engage the abs and push the rotating arm forward towards your knees. Return to the straight sitting position as one full repetition. Complete 12 repetitions.

Rotate your body to face the opposite way of the crunch motion, so the rotating arm is behind your body. Sit squarely on the machine and stabilize your body by placing your feet against the support bar. Use your core and back to push the rotating arm back and down, away from the machine and towards the back wall. Return to a straight sitting position for one full repetition. Complete 12 repetitions consecutively.

Return to facing the original direction with the rotating arm in front of your body. Sit up straight and grab the spongy pads with your hands. Press the rotating arm away from the chest in a chest press, while keeping the elbows lifted to shoulder height, then return to the original position. Apply added resistance through the machine as necessary. Complete 12 repetitions of these chest presses.

Lower the rotating arm so it rests just above your legs. Sit squarely on the machine and place your wrists under the pads of the arm. Engage the bicep muscles as you lift the bar up to your shoulders, then return it to the lower starting position. Keep hands in a loose grip and focus on flexing the bicep both up and back down to the start position. Complete 12 repetitions.