Orbitrek Workouts

The Orbitrek is an elliptical trainer designed for home use. The Orbitrek features a resistance system that allows you to tailor your workouts for your own fitness level. In addition to the basic exercise, the product comes with a series of DVDs that offer workouts using the elliptical trainer.

Total Body Express

The Orbitrek elliptical comes with a set of three DVDs with workouts taught by Mindy Mylrea, international fitness personality and spokeswoman for the product. Total Body Express is a 20-minute workout designed to help you familiarize yourself with the elliptical training workout. The aerobic workout is ideal for beginners or for a quick cardio burn that also keeps your upper body in motion for toning and sculpting your arms. Setting the resistance at the lowest level keeps this workout at a lower level of intensity.

Total Body Sculpting and Cardio

Total Body Sculpting and Cardio, the second DVD in the series, is a 30-minute workout geared more for the intermediate to advanced exercise enthusiast. This workout varies the resistance for a tougher cardio workout experience. At low resistance, your arms and legs work together for a low-impact aerobic workout similar to walking on flat terrain. As you increase the resistance by turning the knob that controls the weighted fly wheel, the demand on your leg muscles intensifies, which increases your heart rate, giving an equivalent benefit as walking up a small hill. Transitions from forward to backward motion change the muscle focus for sculpting specific areas. The backward motion is used to target and tone the gluteus maximus as well as the back of the thighs. The forward motion targets the muscles in the front of your thighs.

Fat Blasting Cardio

The most advanced workout in the series, Fat Blasting Cardio, is a 60-minute intense cardio workout. With the interval style of variable resistance, the Fat Blasting workout will feel similar to an advanced indoor-cycling class you might find in your local gym. Instead of the elliptical equivalence of taking on small hills, the resistance phases will be similar to scaling a steep mountain. With the arms in motion throughout the workout and the legs alternating between forward and backward motion, the entire body is targeted. Instruction on technique, such as "contract your abs" and "squeeze your glutes" are included to help you strengthen and tone your core muscles as well as your arms and legs.