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How do I Increase the Resistance on My Gazelle Exerciser?

Adjust the Hydraulic Tension

    Stop all motion on the Gazelle when you decide to change the hydraulic tension. Remove yourself from the machine and let the machine come to a complete standstill. Do not attempt to adjust the tension while you are on the Gazelle because you could cause yourself an injury.

    Locate the hydraulic adjustment pins. These pins are movable and can be positioned in four holes on the Gazelle to adjust the tension. Find them on each side of the machine where the handlebar meets the foot peddle.

    Pull the clip from the hydraulic pin. Slide the pin out of the hole that it is currently located in. Find the other resistance holes and decide which hole you would like to put the pin in.

    Place the pin in the hole and reattach the clip. This will help keep the pin in place while you exercise on the Gazelle. Repeat the same actions on the other adjustment pin.

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