Instructions for the Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic Pannier

Ortlieb's Back-Roller Classic pannier is one of the company's most popular products. Ideal for touring, groceries and many other uses, it's waterproof and durable. The Back-Roller Classic uses Ortlieb's QuickLock 1 system, which adjusts to fit most bike racks and bike sizes. Your bike balances best when you use two panniers at once with equal weight in each, though you may use the panniers individually.

Lean your bike against something sturdy or deploy the kickstand. Place one pannier next to your bike rack, with the attachments facing the rack, and note how the hooks near the top of the bag and the hook on the lower part align with your rack.

Use the Allen wrench to loosen the attachments for each hook. Position the top hooks so that as much of the pannier body as possible is positioned toward the back of the rack, to minimize heel strike on the panniers as you pedal. Position the top hooks between cross rails on the rack that prevent the panniers from sliding back and forth.

Point the lower hook toward the front of the bike. Tighten the screws on the top and lower hooks.

Lift the handle on the bag and guide the lower hook into place behind the rack stay, and then drop the hooks onto the rail of your rack and release the handle. Wiggle the pannier back and forth and up and down. Adjust the hook positions as needed, and check if there is wiggle room between the top hooks and the rack rail.

Remove the pannier from the rack if there is open space between the hook and rack rail. Lifting the bag by the handle, slide one of the reduction pieces up into the hook, with the open side facing down. Repeat with the other hook and reinstall the pannier on the rack.

Repeat the fitting steps for the other pannier on the other side of the rack.

Roll down the top after packing the pannier so that the roll faces the rack and the smooth side faces out. You may tuck the shoulder strap on the pannier inside the bag before rolling; keep it outside the bag or unclip it from the pannier altogether. Pull the outer buckle male end over the roll and clip it into the female end, and attach the shoulder strap through the hook near the outer bottom of the bag, if necessary.


Test the position of your panniers before setting out on a trip. Some racks are not compatible with Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic panniers because you must position the bags so far forward to fit them on the rack that your heels hit them no matter how you adjust them.